Project Sectors

MAC provide acoustic consulting services and assessments for the following key sectors:

Built Environment

MAC provide a range of noise and vibration services for built environment projects.

Types of projects include Development Applications for green field sites or assessments to accompany a modification of current project operations. Typically, these projects include commercial or industrial enterprises such as service stations, childcare centres and restaurants/cafes and licenced premises.

Mining & Extractive

MAC regularly complete noise assessments to accompany environmental assessments for green field and modifications for extractive industry.

These include assessment for Significant Projects or projects that require consent via local councils (ie an Environmental Impact Statement). MAC complete assessments for a variety of extractive industries, from small quarries to larger mining resources.


There are multiple sectors where MAC provide noise and vibration for within the construction industry.

Projects vary from minor works road upgrades such as intersection upgrades for private and public projects to major linear infrastructure projects. In addition, MAC provide a comprehensive approach to completing construction noise and vibration management and monitoring plans.


The construction of new roads or rail (or upgrades) may generate additional noise to the community. MAC provide noise and vibration assessments for a variety of transport projects.

This may encompass determining the impact from additional trucks from a quarry that is seeking a modification to production outputs or the noise impacts on a proposed residential premise that may be impacted by road, rail or aircraft noise, hence a noise assessment may need to be completed for these developments.

Government and Education

MAC complete a variety of work for the government sector.

Projects include construction assessments, workplace noise assessments to quantify noise exposure for employees to improving speech privacy within office spaces or research/educational facilities.

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